Dunlap Dedication

Dunlap Dedication
Posted on 08/23/2022
On 8/22/22 we held a dedication for Ronald C. Dunlap Elementary School. We had so many of our staff. families and community members attend! We hope you enjoyed the dedication, performances, and tours.

The dedication began with a performance of the National Anthem, by Jameson Milhaupt. We then heard from
⭐️ Bill McClone, Dunlap Elementary Principal,
⭐️ Greg Hartjes, AASD Superintendent,
⭐️ Dr. Judy Baseman, AASD Retired Admin & Dunlap Memorial Committee Member,
⭐️ Timber Smith, City of Appleton
⭐️ Dave & Sue Lee, Noon Lions Club & Committee
⭐️ Heather Birk, Wisconsin PTA
⭐️ John Carlberg, CEO of Dixon Ticonderoga Co.

Rosanna Williams sang We Lift Every Voice and Sing, and then we heard closing words from Yvette & Triston Dunlap.

Check out a video of the presentation below:

Tours of key locations at Dunlap were led by our Dunlap students and Dunlap Memorial Committee members. Our tour stops included:

Display Case & Mural: The mural was designed by Renaissance School for the Arts - Appleton students and staff. The display case contains featured items, donated by the Dunlap family, showcasing significant events and accolades related to Ron's career and life. The display case was organized and designed by Dunlap Secretary Laurie Bouzek and built by district contractors.

Student Success Awards and Scholarships: The Dunlap Student Success Award is given to students who exemplify one or more of the following: Resilience, Leadership, Character, Work Ethic and/or Academic Excellence. The Dunlap Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to graduating seniors from East, North, West and Central.

Bell Tower: Ronald C. Dunlap and Frank Rippl were instrumental in refurbishing the original Lincoln School bell. We ring the bell to start and finish each school year.

Gaga Pit: The Gaga Pit was donated by the Appleton Noon Lions Club in memory of Ron. Ron's mantra is carved onto the Gaga Pit. Dave and Sue Lee were the driving force behind this addition to the Dunlap playground.

Flag & Gym Floor: Former Lincoln Principal Al Schroeder worked with Senator Tammy Baldwin to have a flag that flew over the U.S. Capitol dedicated to Ronald C. Dunlap Elementary School.

A Stone of Hope: Black Experiences in the Fox Cities, an exhibit about local Black history from the 1700s to the present, was also on display in the gym. Thank you so much to all of the Dunlap staff that worked tirelessly to get our building ready, to help organize tours, and for all you do!

View photos here: