Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Posted on 01/19/2023
Parent-Teacher Conferences

30-minute individual parent-teacher conferences are just around the corner! Please read below to learn how to sign up for your conference time with your child's teacher/s. 

Ronald C. Dunlap Elementary School
Conference Sign Up Directions

* Open an internet browser.
Enter the link:
* A list of teachers will be displayed.
* Select the teachers you would like to meet with for your student and press “Submit”.  Complete the information on the “Sign up for” screen.
* If you selected more than one teacher:
* You will be asked if this is for one student or more than one student, it is recommended to register students one by one.
* Select “These are all for one student.”
* Complete the information in “Sign up for” screen”.
* A confirmation email will be sent to you (approx. 15 minutes).  The email contains an access link.  Click the access link to open the conference registration.
* All selected teachers will be shown, choose your conference time(s) and click:
* Confirm selection and exit: to confirm registration and exit.
* Register for additional classes: to confirm registration and register for other classes, which will give you an option to:
* Register other conferences for the same student.
* Register conferences for another student.  Use this to follow the same process to register additional students.
* You will receive a confirmation email with the timing for all conferences and an access link for each conference.  You can use the access link to edit your conference registration.